Sustainable and Future-proof Tech

How to take climate, environment, legislation and ethics into account?

Join us on 3rd of October to learn more about advancing with future proof digitalization that takes our climate, environment, legislation and ethics into account. The track is aimed at people working in the ICT sector or with procurement of ICT services. No prior knowledge of sustainable ICT, data ethics or regulation is required.

The opening speech introduces the wide scope of aspects that all of us working in the tech field should consider in order for us to leverage technology in a future-proof manner. The first session dives into Green ICT: how to develop, procure and compare sustainable ICT solutions. The second session (in Finnish) focuses on the current and upcoming data and digitalization regulation. Third session opens up the question of data and AI ethics. All sessions provide a wider perspective to the topics as well as introduce practical tools and approaches.

The track program is organized in collaboration with TIEKE Information Society Development Centre.


Track will cover topics such as:

Green ICT for Sustainable ICT Services and Digitalization
Responsible Digitalization
Data Responsibility
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Regulation of Data Economy and Digitalization

Track | Sustainable and Future-proof Tech

When: Tue 3rd of October, 2023 | 9:30 – 16:00
Where: Auditorium 2 | Finnkino Cine Atlas (Koskikeskus), Tampere, Finland
Time zone: EEST / GMT +3

Introducing our speakers

Get to know the first announced speakers for the upcoming track program!

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