Privacy Policy

1. Registrar Name Centre for Open Systems and Solutions – COSS ry
Address PL 35, 33101 Tampere
Additional contact information
+358 40 350 3957,
2. Contact registrar Name Peppi Heikkilä
Address PL 35, 33101 Tampere
Additional contact information
+358 40 350 3957,
3. Name of the register Mindtrek Conference Marketing Registry.
4. Purpose of the register This registry is used for marketing purposes to send information about Mindtrek.

Personal data is processed on the basis of Section 10 of the second paragraph of the Personal Data Act.

5. Data in the register Name and email address.
6. Source of information Information is provided by you when subscribing to Mindtrek’s newsletter. You are able to subscribe to the list from Mindtrek’s website, while registering to the Mindtrek conference, entering a competition/draw, answering to a survey. Information has also been collected during trade fairs, events and other meetings.

Subscriptions are based on permission and permission needs to be specifically given before you are added to the newsletter list.

The information in this registry has been collected since 1997, when Mindtrek was first held under the name “Tampere Multimedia Competition”.

7. Use and disclosure of the data Personal data is used for marketing purposes in order to send information and newsletters about Mindtrek by using Mailchimp.
8. Transfer to countries outside EU and EEA /
Disclosure of the data to other third parties
By subscribing to our newsletter you are agreeing to transfer your personal data to Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is operating from the US, which means your personal data will be transferred outside EU and EEA and into the US.

For further information please see Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy.

9. Protection of data Mindtrek’s newsletters are sent through MailChimp.

For further information please see Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy and Terms.

10. Data Subjects Right of Access Data subjects have the right to access their personal data stored by the registrar. Data subjects may exercise that right by sending written and signed contact requests to the registrar. Data subjects can ask the registrar to correct their information by sending a correction request to the contact registrar. Data subjects have the right to object to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, distance selling and other forms of direct marketing as well as market research, opinion polls, and for personal maternity and genealogy research.

In the case of denial and rectification, the data subject may contact the contact registrar by mail or by e-mail. In electronic marketing, there is as a rule the right of denial by pressing the exit list button.