Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

To ensure that a website is working in the best and most convenient way possible, it needs to collect certain type of data about its users. To achieve this, the site will create small text files known as cookies to the user’s computer. Cookies allow the website to recognize its user’s activity, choices, and settings made during previous sessions in order to enhance the user experience.


How do we use cookies?

We collect anonymous cookies for statistical purposes on how visitors are using our website. These cookies don’t contain any personal information and are solely used to monitor the traffic on our website with Google Analytics. We use the gathered data to improve the user experience of our website.


How can I control my cookies?

Deleting cookies will delete all of your preferences on a website and some functions may not work properly if the cookies are turned off. For these reasons we do not recommend turning off cookies on your browser.

If, however you wish to alter the way your browser handles cookies, here are browser specific instructions on how to manage the cookie settings:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome