Mindtrek in a nutshell

Mindtrek is an international technology conference organized annually in the beautiful city of Tampere, Finland that offers an horizontal view into the field of future technology. It’s all about networking and exchanging ideas with people who come from different backgrounds and who have different areas of expertise. Mindtrek consists of around 70 different sessions that cover topics such as open source, open data, smart city, immersive tech, eHealth, IoT, AI and more.

Mindtrek has 5 themed main “tracks” that we call events going on simultaneously during the whole 2-days. The main events are Open World, Smart City Event Tampere, eHealth, Immersive Tech and EdTech. Academic Mindtrek conference is also organized annually as a part of Mindtrek.

At Mindtrek you are able to follow along one event that hits your field spot on or mix and match different sessions from different events based on your personal points of interest. The main idea of Mindtrek is to bring about a collision between all fields of technology and enable people and businesses to learn, meet and connect.

Mindtrek timeline 1997-2018


In the 1990’s, there was a growing need in Finland to promote digital content and related business. In the year 1997 Finland was missing an all-encompassing digital content and technology conference, and there was an existing desire in Tampere to organize this kind of an event. That was when Mindtrek was first kicked off. Back then, it was known by the name “Tampere Multimedia Competition”.

In 2007 the event structure and target audience were reformed in a way that made the event more internationally attractive, with main themes including Future of Technology, Digital Information and Media. In 2015 COSS – the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions accepted the challenge of becoming the organizer of the conference, and at the same time some of the conference themes became Open Source and Open Data to better represent the core business of COSS. Mindtrek 2018 will be the 22nd time the conference has been arranged and taken place in the city of Tampere.


Mindtrek is produced by a non-profit organization COSS – the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions in main co-operation with City of Tampere.

Mindtrek brings together companies, associations, public organizations and students. The conference is mainly targeted to

Public Sector: such as business leaders, CIOs, health-care decision makers, and other professionals
Tech Sector: such as developers, programmers, and other IT specialists
Academics: such as researchers, students, and professors

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