Mindtrek in a Nutshell

MINDTREK is an international technology conference that is uniquely packaged to serve a large variety of people from different walks of life. The conference is a culmination of advanced future technologies, business concepts and a possibility to build new networks across industry borders. For the last 21 years Mindtrek has been a major part of the Finnish international conference scene.

In 2016, Mindtrek attracted visitors from all around the world, with 38.8 % of all participants being international attendees. The total number of people taking part in last year’s conference climbed up to almost 1,200.


Mindtrek 2017 is organized September 20th - 21st at Tampere Hall Congress and Concert Centre. Read more about the venue.



The event was organized for the first time in 1997, known by the name “Tampere Multimedia Competition”. In year 2007 the event structure and target audience were renewed making the event a more internationally attractive conference.


The main themes were future of technology, digital information and media. Since 2015, the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions, took Mindtrek conference organization as its responsibility. At the same time the main theme changed to openness - open source and open data. Now Mindtrek 2017 will be 21st year the conference has been arranged and taken place here in Tampere.



Mindtrek is produced by a non-profit organization COSS - the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions in main co-operation with City of Tampere.


Mindtrek brings together companies, associations, public organizations and students. The conference is mainly targeted to


  • Public Sector: such as business leaders, CIOs, health-care decision makers, and other professionals
  • Tech Sector: such as developers, programmers, and other IT specialists
  • Academics: such as researchers, students, and professors



This year, Mindtrek will consist of 8 different events, or “tracks”, under one roof. You can access all the events with the same Mindtrek Conference Pass.



Smart City Event Tampere

Tampere - Grow.Smart.Together.


This event will consist of topics like Digital Learning Environment, ‘Smart Mobility and 3D City Planning. Special emphasis is put on the citizen’s perspective. The event will bring together the decision-makers of the public sector, experts, as well as ordinary citizens to discuss future possibilities of smarter cities. This year, a special emphasis is put on the citizen’s perspective.



Open World

Opening the World of Technology


As one of the core events at Mindtrek, Open World will offer you a wide range of topics designed to make you question things as they are. Topics discussed include e.g. ‘Why Custom Software Should Be Open Source’, ‘Open Data Cases’, ‘Shake It Up: FOSS as a Force for Culture Change’.



eHealth Event

Mindtrek 2017 eHealth Event will take the participants to a new level by introducing bold views on the future of healthcare and social welfare. Ongoing projects also go up on the stage. If you are ready to question everything that exists, the eHealth Event is made for you!



Immersive Tech Event

By bringing together virtual, augmented and mixed reality, Mindtrek creates an all-encompassing experience, during which you can immerse yourself in what the big things and topics in the field are right now, and what the next big breakouts will be in the future



IoT Event

IoT Event gathers the Finnish IoT scene, digital innovation developers, people and businesses together to network, discuss and innovate. The IoT event will consist of presentations and workshops during Mindtrek where participants can embrace the wonders IoT will bring to the future of our daily lives and organizations.



Mindtrek Challenge

Mindtrek Challenge competition will be organized as part of Mindtrek 2017 conference, and it will continue in the footsteps of last year’s Makertech competition. The purpose is to find new solutions to specific, predetermined tasks. The tasks, or “Challenges”, are somehow connected to the main conference themes (open source, open data, IoT, VR/AR/MR, smart city, eHealth etc.), and they are provided by Mindtrek Challenge Sponsors.




Recruitment Event - Powered by ONNIVATORS

Mindtrek Recruitment is all about networking and connecting people with Tech driven companies for potential job recruitments. Participants will be given free admission to the Recruitment Event  when registered. There will be a job notice board for companies to advertise potential positions as well as a video CV booth. 




Academic Mindtrek

The event provides a platform for academics, researchers and professionals from the industry to put forward ideas and interpretations regarding the development of human-computer interaction, games and gamification, interactive media, journalism, theater and acting, and information society.