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Academic MindTrek




It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 14th MindTrek Conference and the International Academic Conference MindTrek - Envisioning Future Media Environments, from October 6th-8th 2010.

Academic MindTrek brings together a cross-disciplinary crowd of people in order to investigate current and emerging topics within media in the ubiquitous arena. Business, social, technical and content-related media topics will be discussed this year.

The MindTrek Association hosts MindTrek as an annual conference. The Academic MindTrek conference has been a part this unique set of events comprising competitions, world-famous keynote speakers, plenary sessions, media festivals and workshops, since 1997.



The scientific part of the conference is organised in cooperation with ACM SIGMM, and ACM SIGCHI. Conference proceedings will be published in the ACM digital library. Selected high quality papers will be published in international journals, as book chapters, or via open access journals.

October 6th is the main Academic day, featuring the following themes:

Social Media
“Get social!” Social media and Web 2.0 technologies are applied in ever diverse practices both in private and public communities. Totally new business models are emerging, traditional communication and expression modalities are challenged, and new practices are constructed in the collaborative, interactive media space.

Ambient and Ubiquitous Media
“The medium is the message!” – This conference track focuses on the definition of ambient and ubiquitous media with a cross-disciplinary viewpoint: ambient media between technology, art, and content. The focus of this track is on applications, theory, art-works, mixed reality concepts, the Web 3.0, and user experiences that make ubiquitous and ambient media tick.

Digital Games
Digital play and games are currently undergoing many transformations: gaming devices are becoming truly connected, players are finding more possibilities for collaboration, and simultaneously games are being applied into novel uses and mobile use contexts.

Open Source
Open source software is gaining momentum in several forms. In addition to the huge increase in the number of open source projects started and the remarkable rise of FLOSS adoption by companies, new models of participation in the movement are emerging rapidly.

Media Business and Management
Media business and media management face the challenges of the emergence of new forms of digital media. This theme focuses on business studies, policies, practices, and organizational structure of media firms. It discusses competition, patterns of media usage, advertising models, and how traditional media can cope with the challenges coming from digital media focusing on media business and media management issues.



In addition, special academic sessions (e.g. tutorials, tool demonstrations, workshops, and multidisciplinary sessions) will be held on Oct 7th & 8th, parallel to the MindTrek business conference.  Academic speakers and authors are warmly welcome to attend the business conference tracks as part of the academic conference fee during these days as well.