Smart Cities in a Changing World panel discussion

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International panel discussion:

Smart Cities in a Changing World

Smart city development is not just about technology development, but cities want to use technology to improve the quality of life of their citizens, the efficiency of city services and activities, and the competitiveness of the region. Smart city development has gone from technology-driven development through citizen and user-driven co-creation to a tentative approach that addresses the needs of citizens in a diverse ecosystem.

Sustainable, intelligent and smart city ensures that it meets the needs of present and future generations with respect to economic, social, environmental, as well as cultural aspects. To achieve this we need co-creation by value producing ecosystems. Smart city development, which enables the emergence of new internationally scalable smart city solutions, newest technologies and business models can be very far from simple. Therefore, it is important that we gather and share solutions and lessons through various networks.

We are proud to present following professionals to share their visions for the smart city development in a changing world:


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