WP-palvelu is a Finnish cloud computing service produced by a Finnish company Seravo Oy, that provides the best possible server space for WordPress sites. Seravo’s WordPress service specializes in open source software and services, and is a secure, reliable, and flexible hosing solution for hosting WordPress sites. At WP-Palvelu, Seravo’s WordPress experts take care of the technical functionality of your site’s performance, updates, and security.

Like other Seravo software and services, WordPress is also based on open source and therefore its support services are not supplier-independent. Seravo is the best partner for hosting WordPress sites because: WP’s unique server technology is at its peak optimization for WordPress. Seravo has several experts that are experienced WordPress developers so they know how the sites work best. The company is recognized as an open-source ecosystem so by using Seravo’s service, you will be helping the whole development of WordPress