The Finnish Information Processing Association, TIVIA, (Tieto- ja viestintätekniikan ammattilaiset ry) is an independent association of Finnish ICT professionals and companies that provide ICT products and services or use them. TIVIA has currently approximately 10 000 professionals and about 400 companies and organizations as members. They are organized as 28 individual TIVIA member associations on the basis of geographical area or professional theme. Three of the member associations are for students. In addition there are 20 special interest groups (SIG).

TIVIA’s main objective is to develop the professional skills of its members by means of networking, member activities, seminars, training, certification programs, mentoring program, publishing and research. Seminars, trainings and events are organized by our member associations and SIGs.

TIVIA was founded in 1953 as an association of punched card technology users – Finnish Punched Card Society.

TIVIA strives to make the Finnish ICT know-how well known and to offer their members possibilities to network and exchange knowledge also internationally. TIVIA is a member of CEPIS (The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies), NDU (Nordisk Data Union) and IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing).

TIVIA´s areas of interest are the governmental service processes and the structure of the Finnish information society, the future of Finnish software industry and to improve cooperation and understanding between business management and ICT management, via an overall improvement of ICT skills.