ONNI {Finnish noun}: Happiness, Fortune, Luck, Blessing

Onnivators ry is a Finland-based forum for private companies, associations, public sector organizations, and professionals of all nationalities, who share an interest in attracting and retaining international talent in the Finnish ecosystem.

Onnivators’ mission is to:

create a community that works together to nurture mutual growth and well-being, foster economics sustainability and cultivate an inclusive and integrated living and working environment.

To fulfill their mission and achieve their goals, they:

organize knowledge sharing workshops, lectures and site visits, create platforms for sharing employment opportunities and expanding professionally relevant networks.

In partnership with RecRight, Onnivators offers Mindtrek sponsors and COSS ry members the opportunity to post job ads and collect video applications as part of the Mindtrek Recruitment track. For further details and access to the video recruitment tool, please contact projects@onnivators.org.