Lumoflex City CMS – Where there’s life, there’s light

Lumoflex City CMS is a complete outdoor lighting control solution fit for any city or community. It
features two key hardware parts: tried-and- true hardware for controlling the citywide street light
power network through feeder cabinets and state-of- the-art individual Smart Control for LED street
lights based on the next generation flat wireless mesh networking technologies. Particularly, it
includes a Martem cabinet controller for monitoring feeder cabinets and Lumoflex luminaire
controllers for operating individual luminaires. The hardware parts, in turn, can easily be handled
with an intuitive cloud-based graphical user interface.

The brainware and firmware behind Lumoflex City CMS is a dynamic Estonian tech duo Cityntel and Martem. Cityntel is the cutting-edge start-up developing Smart City solutions based on unique next generation IoT Technologies. Martem is the leading provider of remote control solutions for power grid operation monitoring and control in Estonia with more than 25 years of experience.

In short, we can quite confidently say that among outdoor lighting control systems Lumoflex City
CMS is the:

  • Easiest – to install
  • Smartest – devices
  • Simplest – to use

Too bold a statement? Well, we like a challenge so just let us show it to you! Do come and pay us a
visit, either at the Mindtrek exhibition stand #10 or online at