Ite wiki Oy was founded in June 2013 and the web service was launched in early 2014. Ite wiki has been built since its publication, as a comprehensive network of business digitalization, meeting point and media. Ite wiki is an evolved portal that brings together experts, content, and discussion. Ite wiki is well-known today as a broad-minded digital media developer and network provider, as well as a network marketing professional. During 2016, ite wiki already had more than 200,000 users and provided more than 475,000 page views from digitalization companies and content.

The network has grown to be very comprehensive with digitalization experts influencing people and the market in Finland. They have started cooperation with several organizations and businesses since they first started. They work in various network projects as a developer, a technical development partner, and as a market intelligence agent. They have held several appearances around digitalization and network marketing in various events and forums. Their customers include, among others, The Ministry of Transport and Communications, Tekes, Tivia, Digitice Finland, the Nordic Digital Business Summit and several dozen leading companies in the digitalization fiels.