FORCIOT® is a Finnish technology company that was born in December 2015 out of love for engineering challenges and sports. Group of leading wearable researchers from Tampere University of Technology and consumer electronics experts agreed to put their heart and passion into developing together unique innovation that would start a new era in wearable business.

They realized that world is lacking wearable technologies that could be part of products that people use every day, everywhere. Today there starts to be an overload of separate measurement gadgets offered for people to be carried around them to measure performance.

The vision of Forciot is that in the future we do not need to carry separate performance wearable gadgets with us anymore while for example exercising. Instead, the measurement technology will be integrated directly into those sporting products, such as shoes or gloves, that we all are using when training anyway.

They decided to start building this new era of wearables. in Their view, most product manufacturer companies will also evidently become IOT-product manufacturers in the future. FORCIOT® with innovative solutions that are connected to internet, is the engineering partner for these companies to build the future IOT-products.

For their business to business customers, they offer advanced and accurate REAL-TIME force, power, pressure, balance and weight measurement system that will take wearable world to the next level. They provide their customers the capability to utilize force related data that has not been available before.