Toni Pippola

Toni Pippola
  • Senior Lecturer in Game Development, TAMK


Toni Pippola works as a Senior Lecturer at the Degree Programme in Business Information Systems at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Alongside his teaching job, he has actively cooperated with enterprises since 2013. He is one of the founders of TAMK Games Academy (TGA) and is Head of TAMK Games Academy Commercial Studio. With his students, Toni has done games and VR/AR for customers like Yle, the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, Moomin Museum, Savings Bank Museum in Hämeenlinna, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Rautaruukki, Cargotec, and SanomaPro.

The projects range from educational games to entertaining game simulations and game solutions which represent and support the customer’s operation in the service context or on the website. Some games have also been published in application stores (Google Play and App Store).

Pippola’s professional qualifications include 3D-modelling & animation, 3D realtime graphics, game design, programming, web technologies, and graphic design.

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 Topic of Speech: “Changing the Past: Moomin Goes XR”
How can VR/AR change the museum experience. Walking inside the Moomin house. Can we save our national treasures with new technology? How to build a replica of piece of art to be loaned around the world. From point clouds and pictures to 3D-models. Utilizing game engines for art (VR/AR = XR). Taking old piece of art out from the glass box in front of people eyes. Yes you can definitely touch and modify it, it won’t break. Experiencing finnish forest with VR, can it be as healing experience as it is in nature?