Sebi Tauciuc

Sebi Tauciuc
  • Lead Designer & Social Impact, Futurice Oy


Sebi is a Service & UI Designer who’s passionate enough about making a positive impact that he’s made a full-time commitment to Futurice’s social impact program. Sebi’s role in the Chilicorn Fund is 2-fold: one is to grow the fund and take it to new levels and the other is to oversee and spar the design work done on the Fund’s projects.


Topic of Speech:
“On Open Source, Happy Employees and a Better World – Case Chilicorn Fund”

Come hear the story of the Chilicorn, how it grew out of open source culture to become a symbol for social responsibility at Futurice and how continuous support and pride from the employees has enabled it to go further and further in its quest for a better world.

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