Panu Kalliokoski

Panu Kalliokoski
  • Senior Software Developer, Solita


Panu Kalliokoski is a programmer, activist, and father of five children who make the graphics for his little game projects. He specialises in the Linux ecosystem and automation. He is interested in politics, game theory, sociology and economics. On his free time, he spends time studying, hiking and teaching children to program.



Topic of Speech: “Why Custom Software Should Be Open Source”

Custom software is significantly more problematic to open than generic, reusable components. Often integrally tied to an organization’s way of working, custom software tends to be both hard to use in other environments and also hard to open without exposing some kind of sensitive information. In this presentation, I make the case that opening as much of your codebase as possible leads to enhanced architecture, company internal communication, and quality in the form of testability and proper factoring.