Carol Chen

Carol Chen
  • Community Development Manager, Red Hat


Carol Chen is the Community Development Manager for ManageIQ, the open source project that powers Red Hat® CloudForms. She has been actively involved in open source communities while working for Jolla and Nokia previously. In addition, she also has experiences in software development/integration in her 12 years in the mobile industry. On a personal note, Carol plays the Timpani in an orchestra in Tampere, Finland, where she now calls home.


Topic of Speech: “Openness in the Culturally Diverse World and Communities”

We’ve all heard – and many of us here have preached – that openness is important for innovation and progress, however do we think about openness in the same way? What are the expectations when one talks about “working in the open” or “moving to an open culture”? As we become more globalized, how do we identify and negotiate the differences in the understanding of openness? Can we find unity in diversity? This presentation is inspired by Carol’s observations and experiences from living and working in 3 continents, through various companies, open source events and communities.