“The Six City Strategy: Open Real Time Interfaces on Transport and Traffic”


10:45 - 11:30

Open World

Smart City Event Tampere

What’s This About?

Open real time interfaces in transport and traffic project is aligned with the objectives of the 6Aika strategy set by the six largest cities in Finland. In this project, four cities Tampere, Helsinki, Oulu and Turku have been sharing best practices to open interfaces to their data systems related to transport and traffic. The interfaces concerning road and street maintenance, public transport, traffic management and parking are opened in accordance with the principles of open data.

In addition to cities views Jukka-Pekka Alanissi will reveal the co-operations with cities regarding to development of open data interfaces from company’s perspective. The session will highlight the best successes and practices in collaborating with open data interfaces in cities as well as outline the visions for revolutionary transport and traffic solutions.


Marko Luomi MSc. (Tech) MSc. (Econ) is a product manager for IoT positioning products at HERE Technologies.
Marko has extensive experience bringing new technologies to market both from technology and business perspectives. He has e.g. worked previously in the area of urban mobility leading at the University of Tampere leading projects LIIRA and CityTrack.

Harri Vaarala, Traffic Engineer, City of Oulu
Mr. Vaarala works as a smart mobility engineer in the City of Oulu. He’s passionate about urban mobility, non-motorized transport and urban city phenomena.

Seppo Kemppainen, Development Manager (Communication), Environmental Division City of Turku

Mika Kulmala, Project manager, City of Tampere – Urban Environment and Infrastructure Services
Work focuses on traffic lights, traffic management, diverse transport systems and intelligent transport systems.
Twitter: @Kume74

Jukka-Pekka Alanissi, Operations Director / Dynniq Finland Oy
Speciality in mobility solutions with a comprehensive view of the business area.
Twitter: @jpalanissi

Lauri Uski, Project Manager, City Environment Division – City of Helsinki