Mindtrek 2017 Themes Are Local Strengths in Pirkanmaa Area Written by on August 15, 2017

Greetings again this year to all Mindtrekkers from Information Processing Association in Pirkanmaa Region, shortly Pitky. We are an association that aims at collaborative development of digital competences of Tampere and its surroundings, having started that already in 1966.

It is a pleasure to see the range of the themes in dedicated events – Smart City, Open world, eHealth, Immersive Tech, IoT. All of those have a special local meaning and importance. Tampere has a powerful vision of being a truly smart city and of being so in a manner that empowers the local companies into the developments, thus organically producing competences that will produce healthy business that is applicable and inviting globally.

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Many of the developments will utilise IoT technologies, which is another critical area, as the local companies are becoming more and more digital and proficient not only in the technology, but also in their approaches to data – be it big data coming from machines or communal data used for working and being in the environment and making things smooth for the people as well the business.  New systems will be developed in an open way, using often open APIs and open tools and standards. Besides that area we see a growing eHealth industry with players of all sizes. The immersive technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are bound to transform many of the solution areas with disruptive products and additions to current workflows, tools and environments.

The key point is that we seem to have an economic area here that produces both technology and products to utilise it, in a dynamic environment that is supported by city of Tampere and strong local education system. It could be called a “full stack” economic-technological area that we really need to be proud of.

Pitky has always been a part of this, aiding in dissemination of ideas and connecting professionals. We will be present in the event together with our parent association TIVIA.





Matti Vuori is currently the Chairman of Pitky

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