In An Open Digitalized World, Security is Always an Issue Written by on September 13, 2017

Mindtrek is all about bringing the makers of open technologies and the digital world together. Everything that can be digitalized, will be digitalized, they say. Among all the hype, buzzwords, innovations and co-creation, there is something that should always be considered: security.

Upkept and Up-To-Date

Our company Seravo is focused on upkeeping and maintaining information systems based on open source technologies. Our main product is a service designed especially for WordPress websites. In our daily work security plays a big role, as securing our customers’ sites – and thus their businesses – is the number one priority.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), but it still suffers from the reputation of being unsecure and vulnerable to security leaks. We work hard to prove that the problem is not the system or software itself, but the fact that it is left without proper and professional upkeep and maintenance.

One of the key issues with open source software is updating: one should always use the most recent and secure version of both WordPress core and all the themes and plugins that are out there. Security leaks are often traced to neglected updates – that is why we have chosen to offer automatic, tested updates to all of our customers. 

Servers Serve – Us Humans

Behind every digital innovation there are technologies. And in the end all technologies are physically based somewhere. That reality might not look cool enough for company ads or presentation slides (it was in fact a bit tricky to find a pretty photo for this article), but we are still very dependent on actual computing machines, servers, racks, pieces of steel and iron. “There is no cloud, just other people’s computers” is a silly quote found in tech conference T-shirts – but actually that is very true.

But who then takes care of those “other people’s computers”? Who do you trust your company website, your user information or client register? Who handles all the data that is the key to your success? Who will take the responsibility if something gets hacked, lost or left unattended?

We advice you to look for a professional, who can clarify their security protocol and has a backup plan for everything, naturally including backups of your files and databases in case something goes wrong. In the near future the General Data Protection Reglation (GDPR) by the European Union will play a big role in setting a standard for using and storing customer data.


“Your Connection is Not Secure”

How many times during the past week have you given out personal information online? Filled in a contact form, used online banking, given your email and phone number for a chance to win a trip to somewhere a little less cold and dark than Finland? When doing so, did you remember to check that the connection was secure and your precious data did not end up in wrong hands? The first step towards better information security for all web service owners is to get a SSL certificate and to use HTTPS, secured hypertext transfer protocol.

Surfers of the world wide web are even addicted to speed: if not using HTTPS, your site will be slower than the others, thus making it less appealing to both users and the almighty Google. So, there is reason enough to use secure HTTPS connection on all your sites. We have lowered down the threshold for that by providing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for our clients with no extra cost (or hassle).

Back to The Basics

Even with the rise of chatbots, holograms, AI, AR, VR and other new forms of reality, there are still humans behind all technical innovations. And from a layman’s perspective the vast majority of digitalization is still in a sense pretty traditional: being a user of websites and mobile applications and a drop in the ocean of content producers in social media platforms. Data will become the new currency and our user information is up for grabs for marketers.

But the fact that we implement technology into everyday life will make security even bigger of an issue. Would you like your oven to be hacked or to have all your health data open for anyone? (It actually has already happened that people’s ovens, lights and front gates stopped working because of a typo in a cloud service provider’s systems).

We at Seravo hope that in the rush for more and more digitalized world the basics would not be neglected: protect the data, secure the connections and make sure there is someone watching over your servers. And: use a password you won’t remember after summer holidays.

Have a safe and exciting Mindtrek, see you at the conference! You’ll find our Linux and WordPress experts in the sponsor area.

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