Designing Digital Learning Content – A Learner’s Perspective Written by on September 15, 2017


Start with why.

There are a few things to consider when designing content for a digital learning environment. Obvious starting points are the purpose and targeting of the material, not to forget about the choice of pedagogical methods and processes. But let’s take a look at what are the crucial features of a good digital learning content from a learner’s perspective.

First off, content should be relevant and contextual. Why is this information important and how does it benefit the audience? Learning is a meaningful process and it has a purpose. By studying the learners expect to achieve success or advance their lives one way or the other. And good content helps them on their way. That creates the context. That’s a why.


This premise sets the tune for the whole learning experience and paves the way to deep learning and more specific questions like what and how. When you align the learning content based on this, you can be sure you have the proper attention and the learning will be effective.

Secondly, content should be of high-quality, in that sense that it does not distract the user. All content creators don’t need to be technical experts and know how to do studio-level material, but it should be made certain that the content is pleasant to go through. Free from disruptive elements that hinder concentration. Comfortable is what you should aim at, quality-wise.


Thirdly, content should include an element of feedback or interaction. Learning benefits from  communicative processes where knowledge is being shared and discussed. This gives the user something to build upon and to start applying the information. It also presents a perspective of involvement and engages the learner. At best the content is interactive and adaptive, all which can be made quite easily with new technologies, i.e. H5P

It is important that digital learning content is also considered communicative instead of merely informative, since the way we consume information has changed and the new age of pedagogy is prevalent. Engagement gets the ball rolling so to speak, and learning becomes a  personal process. And this brings us back to the why.

Written by:
Ville Koiviola
Sales Manager, Mediamaisteri
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