Challenge by KPMG:
Creating Value For Customers by Robotics Driven Service Transformation


What Is KPMG About?


KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax, Legal and Advisory services. We have 189,000 outstanding professionals working together to deliver value in 153 countries. In Finland, with 1000 experts in 23 locations, KPMG is one of the leading providers within our industry. KPMG Advisory works with clients to tackle challenges in transactions and restructuring, performance and technology and risk and compliance.


We will build and sustain our reputation as the best firm to work with by ensuring that our people, our clients and our communities achieve their full potential. As an employer we are one of the world’s leading organizations offering professional services.


KPMG IT-services

At KPMG we focus on the business impact of technology rather than systems implementation, and we are not tied to any hardware or software suppliers. As a result, our advice is independent and geared to the specific needs of each client. In Finland we offer services regarding Cyber and Information Security, Identity and Access Management, Architecture and IT Advisory.

Keeping pace with technology and taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by technological innovation is paramount to us, but we are also aware of the risks involved and the responsibility at the Board level to control these risks.


With the global scope of many organizations, we are aware of the need to develop innovative solutions that are repeatable and easily distributable. As a global organization ourselves, we are able to provide global guidance and local support where necessary.


What Needs to be Improved?


KPMG is interested in new ideas around software robotics (RPA, Robotic Process Automation) in services. Robotics can be used in several different parts of a service, with service user interaction or without



What Are The Specific Aspects Needed in The Solutions?


a. Service where human is part of the interaction either as a customer/end user or working along with the robotics solution. Please take human safety into account.

b. Services which happen independent of any human intervention or interaction.



What Is the Challenge?


Creating value for customers by robotics driven service transformation. The service you target should be an existing service that is transformed with the use of clever robotics solutions that improves the service experience. The robotics solution can be entirely new or you can take advantage of an existing technology. The tool used in the Challenge is WorkFusion RPA Express. You may combine also use available machine learning services, eg. Azure Cortana Intelligence Suite, IBM Watson, TensorFlow, Amazon Machine Learning, etc. You should also describe what is the added value of your solution.


If you have any questions concerning the contents of this Challenge, please contact Kari Saarelainen at, +358 400 999 559.


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