Challenge by FIMA:
Operator Assistance in Heavy Duty Work Machines



What is FIMA About? 

FIMA ry – Forum for Intelligent Machines is a network for mobile work machine manufacturers, system integrators, and research institutes. The mission of FIMA is to improve productivity and safety of mobile work machines and find new solutions for common needs in this domain. FIMA starts research and technology piloting projects, arrange seminars, and makes technical reviews for members. FIMA members are in multiple lines of business including Mining, Logistics, Forestry, Agriculture, Material Handling, Construction, and Rescue Industries.



What Needs to be Improved? 

FIMA member companies are interested in new ideas for operator assistance using the latest augmented /mixed reality or wearable technology. The operator´s main attention must be on the current work task and the tools. For example, a Logging Machine, Mine Drilling Machine, Fire Truck, Crane, etc. In order to perform these main functions safely and efficiently, the operator needs a lot of additional and assisting information which are common needs in all types of machines.


What Are The Specific Aspects Needed in The Solutions? 

a) Assistance in productive operation:

  • Accurate operation and positioning of the work tools which can be located outside of the operator’s range of sight.
  • Core information about the work process and performance i.e. load the hook or bucket, drilling speed, boom tip position (outreach from the machine)
  • Information about next work tasks
  • Communication with other operators


b) Assistance in situational awareness, warnings etc:

  • Warnings about blind spots behind machine structures
  • Warnings about overload or unstable situations
  • Warnings about people inside working area
  • Collision avoidance with other machines or obstacles


What’s The Challenge?

 The challenge is to find totally new ways to provide the above mentioned information to the operator. Pay special attention to ergonomics and user experience aspects because the operations are performing continuous, full-time work. The information should not disturb or prevent normal work operations.

The previously mentioned information is not needed to be solved by only one solution, but the more problems that can be solved with simple means, the better the solution is. It is preferable that the presentation of the solution includes a practical demonstration or visual simulation.

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