Mindtrek Challenge


Innovation Competition & Pitching Event

How to take part in the competition

Competition entries

The deadline for submissions is before 6PM on August 15, 2017. Competition entries should be submitted via Mindtrek Challenge Entry Form on the website. The application form includes basic information about the participant(s) and detailed information about the competition entry. By filling out the entry form, the participants accept the rules of the competition.


Competition Categories

Mindtrek Challenge competition is divided into three categories; Developers, Companies and Start-Ups. Each Challenge works as a topic in all of the categories. 

1. Developers
Developers Category is meant for everybody, both private persons as well as communities and different types of groups (not for companies).

2. Companies
Companies category is meant for established SME’s that have been active for more than 2 years.

3. Start-Ups
Start-Ups category is meant for companies that have been active for less than 2 years.



Evaluation Criteria for Competition Entries

The jury evaluates the ideas based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Newness / innovativeness of the idea
  • Viability of the idea



The competition entries will be evaluated by a jury consisting of professionals. The composition of the jury will be announced later. The organizer of the competition holds the right to change the composition of the jury for a compelling reason. The members of the jury are responsible for notifying the organizer about their disqualification, and in that case will not participate in the evaluation of the idea or decision-making. The jury must justify the selection of the winning entries only. Materials submitted and received for the demonstration of the idea must not be separately returned.



Winners of the Developers Category will receive a money reward of 1,500€.

The winners of the Companies Category will get support and tips in further development of their solution.

Winners of the Start-Ups Category will receive a money reward of 1,500€.

In addition, the participants with the best competition entries will get a chance to pitch/present their ideas at Mindtrek in front of the Challenge Sponsors, and will be rewarded with 1-Day Conference Passes to Mindtrek. The competitors own the rights to their ideas and also own the rights to negotiate further cooperation with the Challenge sponsors.


The Rights and Responsibilities of the Organizer

The organizer of the competition is responsible for the participants’ information security. Information concerning the ideas must not be sent to third parties, but the competition ideas must be handled confidentially: everyone involved in handling the materials and the jury must sign written confidentiality agreements. The organizer of the competition has the right to publish the names, short topic introductions as well as contact persons names regarding the ideas chosen for the Pitching Event on Mindtrek website and the conference program. The details of the introductions must be discussed together with the contact person of the participating party. The organizer of the competition has the right to publish short introductions of the winners and their competition entries after the competition if the participants do not forbid the organizer to do so.


The Rights and Responsibilities of the Participant

The participant is responsible for the fact that the competition entry is based on the participant’s own ideas. If this is not the case, the participant is responsible for any compensation that may occur. What is stated above also applies to companies and a situation where the competition entry is a property of an employer based on the contract of employment. If the jury requires additional information from third parties, should a permission be given by the participant first. The giver of the statement must also sign a written confidentiality agreement. The presentee must take care of all the requirements regarding the taxation of the award prize. Participant holds all the rights to the competition entry, unless otherwise agreed between the participant and the Challenge sponsor.