Mindtrek Challenge

Innovation Competition & Pitching Event


Mindtrek Challenge competition will be organized as part of Mindtrek 2017 conference, and it will continue in the footsteps of last year’s Makertech competition.

The purpose of the competition is to find new solutions to specific, predetermined tasks. The tasks, or “Challenges”, are somehow connected to the main conference themes (open source, open data, IoT, VR/AR/MR, smart city, eHealth etc.), and they are provided by Mindtrek Challenge Sponsors. The competition will consist of approx. 5 different Challenges which will be published one-by-one (the final Challenge is to be published by July 7). The solutions can be preliminary plans, prototypes or finished solutions, depending on what is required in the description provided by “Challengers”.

The main criteria to be evaluated will be innovativeness / newness of the solution and the viability of the idea. The ideal goal is that the Challengers and the competition participants discuss and cultivate the submitted idea or solution further at the Challenge Pitching Event during Mindtrek 2017.

The competition consists of three different categories; Developers, Companies and Start-Ups. All of the Challenges work as topics in each of the categories.


Competition Categories

Mindtrek Challenge competition is divided into three categories: Developers, Companies and Start-Ups. The challenges work as topics in each of the categories, unless otherwise mentioned in the challenge description.

1. Developers
This category is meant for private persons, communities and groups of different sorts (not for companies).

2. Companies
The Companies category is meant for SME’s which have been active for 2+ years.

3. Start-Ups
The Start-Ups category is meant for small companies which have been active for less than 2 years.


Pitching & Prizes

The best entries will be awarded with 1-Day Conference Passes, and they will be given a chance to give 5 to 10-minute pitches on their ideas at Mindtrek on the 20th or 21st of September. At the Pitching Event, the Challenge Sponsors and competition participants will have an opportunity to get together and discuss the results and the ideas behind the innovations. In addition, the winner of the Developers category and the winner of the Start-Ups category will be awarded with 1,500€ money prizes. The winners of the Companies category will be offered help and support in developing their idea further. 


Pitching Schedule

Thursday September 21st, Duetto 1

15:45 – 15:55 Companies Category (City of Tampere Challenge): “Ratina – What & How”, Haltu Oy
Haltu’s Ratina application helps visitors, attendees, passersby and shoppers in getting the most out of what Ratina is.

16:00 – 16:10 Companies Category (City of Tampere Challenge): “TampereGo Concept”, Eatech Oy
Digital mobile concept of the Ratina application pitched by Eatech.

16:30 – 16:40 Start-Ups Category (FIMA Challenge): “Virtual Reality Off-Site Operation in Heavy Machinery“, Lintulan luova toimisto
As machinery gets more autonomous, the need for on-site human interaction is greatly decreased.

16:45 – 16:55 Start-Ups Category (Tampere3 Challenge): Meleti “Re-thinking Student Services“
Meleti re-thinks higher education student services by seeing it forming a new type of ecosystem.

Awards & Ackowledgements Ceremony @ Mindtrek – Sept 21st, at 17:15 on Keynote Stage


Challenge Rules

Challenges 2017

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