Challenge by The City of Tampere:
Concept Development for Ratina Application


City of Tampere




What is The Challenge by The City of Tampere About?


The purpose of the Challenge is to come up with an idea / concept for an application to support the operations of the Ratina area in Tampere in general and to increase business. The application should be useful for all events in the Ratina area, such as concerts / festivals, sports competitions and more.


What Needs to be Improved?

Ratina needs an application that allows visitors to access trusted mobile networks and WLANs. The purpose is to enable a network connection, especially for foreign visitors whose access to the subscription network would otherwise be expensive and slow. This would also improve the overall visitor experience at Ratina events.


The connection would allow the visitor to receive information about the services in the area for example, provide support for non-locals and foreigners when navigating in the area. The app should combine businesses in the area and create a business ecosystem for Ratina. Companies will offer their services within the app that will allow users to find providers of various services and potentially benefit from promotions in the application. Big events will be held at Ratina, such as the IAAF U20 World Championships in Athletics 2018, which would be the first event the application is needed for.


What Are The Specific Aspects Needed in The Solutions?

Content should be broad enough so that different visitors from different places can take advantage of it. The application should include at least:

  • a) Access to the mobile network and WLAN (e.g. through, logistic info (buses / trains), regional maps, restaurants, and other businesses.
  • b) The app should have special offers that motivate you to use the app instead of Google.
  • c) The application should also be useful for event-specific purposes. The content should be available in Finnish, Swedish and English.


What’s The Challenge?

Anyone can take part in the Challenge. We are looking for an idea / concept for an application, for example, in the form of a demo or Mock Up, which could potentially be developed into an application after the competition. It is also possible to negotiate funding for implementation.