Becoming A Digital Champion Written by on September 15, 2017

When asking Google what “digitalization is”, the answer is that it is “killing our imagination”.

I always liked a human centered approach to digitalization. Transform analog ways of working into an automated digital area and continuously improve them. Make them easily accessible, easy-to-use and nice looking. In modern terms we talk about UI/UX design, service design and design thinking. But most importantly it is about the end users and to not make them think while they are experiencing the product or service.

Great products and services distinguish themselves and leave a mark – at Wapice we have been honored to support industrial companies since 1999 along their digitalization journey. Most of them have become digital champions in their area. As a Technology Partner we designed and developed amazing software and electronic products. Most of them are available globally and make our customers grow way above average.


Building on this experience and helping our customers we started developing IoT-TICKET® – a modern, easy to use and complete Internet of Things (IoT) platform – back in 2005. Today we have in the area of smart energy alone over 3 million devices connected producing over 75 billion records per hour. On top of that we enable many application areas – from smart manufacturing, smart logistics, smart cities to smart environment. From data acquisition to edge processing, cloud based big data and analytics to modern user interface building tools which makes IoT application development a breeze.

One has to stay hungry to keep imagining – one has to stay hungry for innovation.

Technology is moving at a fast pace – it is easy to rely on the status quo. Yes, it is true that a great don’t make me think user experience leads to stop imagining on how things could be done even better, faster, more effective or even differently for the end user. In such fast paced environment it is even more important to stay hungry, stay in touch with the market. In case you’re missing out on any of the above – we love technology, we keep imagining, we want to co-create the digital future together.

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Mathias Grädler, Director of Innovation
Wapice Oy

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