Presentations from Mindtrek Openmind 2015


Mindtrek Openmind 2015 was a success. Three days filled with interesting speakers from ten different countries, workshops, pop-up lectures, panel discussions and a lot more. Here is a chance to reminisce what this year’s conference was all about with videos of keynote speeches and links to other speakers’ presentations. Photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Next year’s Mindtrek is going to be even bigger and better than this year’s. Mindtrek 2016 will be held at Tampere Hall Congress and Concert Centre on October 17th to 19th. Some of the themes for the conference will be Smart City, Open Source, Open Data, IoT, Robotics and Immersion.  Stay tuned!


Pierre A. Damas: Open Source Strategy of the European Commission

Gael Langevin: The 3D Printed Robot InMoov

Luciano Ammenti, Vatican Library CIO: Long Term Digital Conservation Using Open Source Format

Open City

Jyrki Koskinen: Avoin maailma, tulevaisuuden tiekartta
Jyrki Kasvi: Kuntien haaste – Enemmän vähemmällä
Heikki Lunnas: Tulevaisuuden tuntematon kunta
Avoimen maailman voimannäyttöjä: Asiointia Vantaalaisittain – Kristiina Ahtiainen ja Petri Lilberg
Avoimen maailman voimannäyttöjä: Unelmakoulu – Allan Schneitz ja Mikko Sävilahti
Markku Raitio: Valtio ja kunnat avaavat markkinaa


Artur Novek: Estonian eHealth Integration
Cristina Andersson: Robotics Will Transform Healthcare
Pauliina Mäkelä: Change Day Finland – Hands up to Make a Difference in Social, Health and Community Care
Mika Torhola – How Modern Suppliers Add Value in Health Care Systems
Jari Renko – Uusien SoTe-palveluiden kehittäminen käytännössä – CASE: APOTTI

Games for Health

Games for Health Finland

Open Source

Hannes Saarinen: Open Data, End Privacy
Business Models Cavalcade: Otto Kekäläinen –
Otto Kekäläinen: Collaboration in Open Source – How Does It Really Work? Practical Examples from MariaDB Development
Didier Tranchier: The Future of Open Data, Open Source and Open Content in France


Kimmo Mäkinen: Government Services and APIs
APInf Launch, Taija Björklund: Open and Free API Management Platform, Built on API Umbrella

Digital Competence and Learning

Eva Tuominen – Deloitte HC and Learning Trends 2015
Eric Rousselle: Open Badges – An Open Standard to Recognise, Verify and Celebrate Learning
Tobias Ley Scaling Informal Learning – Designing Tools and an Infrastructure for Workplace Learning