Luciano Ammenti

Vatican Library CIO

Luciano Ammenti

Long Term Digital Conservation Using Open Source Format

The target of the Vatican Library in the last 500 years has been to preserve for future generations the collections of manuscripts held. With the project keeps long-term digital started in 2012 we laid the groundwork to allow the use of the manuscripts of the Vatican Library in digital format thus ensuring both the conservation of the collections that their disclosure.

The recurring theme in recent times is the management and long-term storage of big data generated by numerous sources of information or the need to analyze and store data from analog sources from which it is crucial to extract logical sequences comparative. The traditional methods offer rigid procedures governed by protocols that have not been upgraded with the same evolution suffered by the possibility of processing data. There is no standard format for storing images and there is no standard format for storing text and to ensure the enjoyment even after time spans that last more than 50 years.

Try to think for a moment to have the option of not having a prior choose which documents to preserve and which to discard, not to worry about their size and to have clear how to ensure future access to those documents.

Try to imagine this “big sea” of documents can generate synapse junction thematic or logic that increase day by day and that populate the search indices allowing the user an innovative result in the expression of deductive logic of research. The research not only to better designed themes expressed in the user-defined parameters, but the data suggested by the system result of other related issues and projections relating to research arising from the same memories of previous consultation processes.

Think finally the ability to use a standard format for storing images with which to keep all the processed data and all documentation digitized also those derived from an analog process, tie any information to an alphanumeric key inserted in the PREMIS it possible to rework the search before processing the data, and also to have an instrument of “PATTERN SEARCH RICOGNICTION” capable of analyzing all the images and select them according to a chosen theme.

Time of the presentation:
Tuesday at 10:00: Keynote – Long Term Digital Conservation Using Open Source Format