Open Source Opens Delivery Chain in Business



I’ll be on stage at Mindtrek Openmind 2015 conference with Martin von Willebrand under topic “Why Open Source Makes good business”. Please come to hear and discuss about the subject. Come to listen especially if you are planning a new project or about to implement new services, or are in software or sw-service business and want to think of ways to implement things more scaled way.

We’d like to bring out new models of product management and delivery enabled by using open source software. What new possibilities open source model gives compared to dealing with a black box deliveries by non-open source software. How open source opens the market for new players, different kind of business models and so forth. There is also good track of real life business cases about open source, see more from Martin’s post:

Also remember the co-located OpenStackFin + DevOps Finland evening event:

Looking forward to see you next week in Tampere!

Ilkka Tengvall
Cybercom Advisory Services, Performance Booster