What Mindtrek Openmind?

Mindtrek Openmind 2015 is an international three-day conference about the future of open source, open data and open content. Mindtrek was held for the first time in 1997. Since 2015, COSS has been taking part in it as a producer.

The conference consists tracks of Open Data and Open & Agile Smart Cities, Open Source Business, Open Source Technology, API, Digital Competence & Learning, Health, Games for Health and Open City.

Open your mind and change your perspective in Mindtrek Openmind 2015.

To Whom?

Mindtrek Openmind brings together companies, associations, public organizations and students. The conference is mainly targeted to

  • Business leaders and CIOs
  • Developers and programmers
  • Public sector CIOs and staff
  • Healthcare decision makers and staff
  • Universities, researchers (Academic Mindtrek)

The conference aims to connect various players in the fields of openness and to create new ideas, business possibilities and networks.

Contact Information

Mindtrek Openmind is produced by
COSS - the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions, PO Box 35, 33100 Tampere, Finland

Mobile: +358 41 705 2316

Timo Väliharju, Executive Manager
Mobile: +358 50 330 3339

Olli Purma, Project Coordinator

Press Info

Mindtrek Openmind is produced by a non-profit organization COSS - the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions in co-operation with partners like 6Aika, Kuopio Innovation, Open Knowledge Finland and Association of Finnish eLearning Centre. Mindtrek Openmind has been partly financed with the support of the City of Tampere.

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