Eija Mäkirintala

CEO and co-founder of Altogame, PhD, coach and a musician

Eija Mäkirintala

Eija Mäkirintala is an internationally acclaimed coach, author and entrepreneur. Her passion lies in empowering human potential – in particular in regard to creative problem solving, agility and integrating top performance and well-being. She helps teams and individuals to enhance the crucial skills required in fast-changing world of work and business.

Currently Eija Mäkirintala is CEO and co-founder of Altogame Ltd. Altogame has created a new paradigm of serious games. Altogame provides new type of 3D-virtual strategic development tools for organizations. With AltoGame people can solve real life problems and learn skills required in the new world of future work.

Eija Mäkirintala also continues her trainer and speaker career. She has been advisor for Tekes, OKM and several multinational companies around the theme of future work. She has also written a book ”Luova ote huippusuoritukseen – resonanssi ratkaisee” (“Creative approach to top performance”), published by Talentum.

She is former professional violist with international career. She has devised a unique coaching method for integrating professional musicians´ top performance and well-being. She is also expert in how to use arts derived methods in business and strategic development.

Eija Mäkirintala speaks at MindTrek’s “Better working life” session on Tuesday, 4th of November. Her subject is new collaboration in future work and how using games and art-derived methods will be crucial part of it.