Mindtrek Mixed Reality Hackathon With Nokia OZO

Winter Garden

10:00 - 17:15

Immersive Tech

Mindtrek Hackathon 2017 With Nokia OZO

Hackathon using Nokia OZO products

Nokia hosts a mixed reality hackathon at Mindtrek 2017!

We invite teams to innovate on creation of completely new immersive user experiences by interactively combining 3D 360 videos and synthetic graphics content and effects. The development is done using Nokia’s OZO Player SDK (Software Development Kit) and Unity3D Game Engine.

The target is to discover new ways to experience this kind of content and build interactive journeys.

  • Mixed and virtual reality themed hackathon –> specific task will be announced on-site
  • Create new immersive experiences!
  • 6 teams (3-5 persons per team)
  • Teams from e.g. game companies and educational institutions are welcome to join the hackathon

If you need more information about technical specifications or contents of the hackathon, please contact Jussi Salonen, jussi.salonen@nokia.com, +358 50 487 4977.

 Announced Teams:

1. Team Kalmar
   2. Team Perfektio
3. Team Tieto    

For signing up your team, please fill out this short form:
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