International three-day forum about the future of tech, knowledge and media.

Nov 4–6th 2014
Tampere, Finland

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Sometimes slightly mad…


We are happy to announce that NUMA2014 is here again. This annual international ubimedia competition, ‘The Neo Ubimedia MindTrek Awards 2014’, is yet again looking for novel ways to combine ubiquitous computing to media. Björn Stockleben, the Competition Chair of NUMA2014, introduces us to the competi More ›

Punk, love and social beings


I took over the MindTrek boat in April and these two months have been a time of learning and orientating. I soon got to meet the board, some ex-members and many of the original founders of the conference. And I really admire their work. So many years "discovering tomorrow", as the slogan says. When MindTre More ›

Juha Kaario: “The new venue is like MindTrek”


Juha Kaario, chairman of the MindTrek Association board, tells about MindTrek 2014 themes and venue. More ›