International three-day forum about the future of tech, knowledge and media.

Nov 4–6th 2014
Tampere, Finland


Program to be revealed soon!

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Expedition for new habits and better life


Feeling dull, unsure, tired, not knowing how to improve your feelings and health under the every day pressure? Is it laziness, lack of time or unawareness of what you would want or need? Or is it just easier to stay where you are, even when the convenience area is gnawing at you? Maybe you are basically happy More ›

Maximizing perpetual change – Jonathan MacDonald


Jonathan MacDonald, entrepreneur and businessman, has been said to unlock unique insights and new thinking for audiences looking for a better mindset and more effective tools to maximise future opportunities within an environment of perpetual change and uncertainty. He is a frequent speaker on the space where More ›

Self-knowledge through numbers


The Quantified Self is about self quantification incorporating technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person's daily life (e.g. mental and physical performance, food, mood and state). There are plenty of tools for tracking the things you care about. Sensors have shrank and come together in modern sm More ›