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International three-day forum about the future of tech, knowledge and media. Expand your mind, step into the conversation and share the experience with like-minded people from other industries. In 2013 MindTrek teamed up with Technology Entrepreneurship Days.

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This years amazing MindTrek program will be complimented by student-created OFF program once again. We have a fresh new student group with fresh new ideas for this year. We set ourselves on a missi More ›

MindTrek proudly presents:

Finnish World Summit Award Winners: BlindSquare and Kinetic Stories

The World Summit Award (WSA) jury has chosen the best digital media applications in 2013. Blin More ›

The Winners for The NUMA2013 (Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards) competition has been released. The Winners concentrate on gaming, mobile social gaming, helping to improve piano playing skills, and combi More ›