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Here are the presentations from the conference, divided by days and tracks:

Presentations from Openmind are available on the Openmind website; for the Academic sessions look here.


Oct 1st - plenary session

Chris Messina - "Identity is the platform"

David Coleman - "Why looking at enterprise social collaboration now?"

  • Presentation: not available

Jyri Engeström - "Snack Size Sociality: Affection, Influence and Identity in the Days of Bite-Sized Media"

Oct 1st - Track - Social Media: now what?

Maria Pienaar - "The abundance economy: filtering through the noise"

Ido Guy - "Recommender Systems for Social Media"

Teemu Arina - "Collaborative Edge: Real-Time Social Technologies in Organizations"

  • Presentation: not available, but you can find more info here

Oct 1st - Track - Mind your community business

Ignacio Correas - "8 lessons learned from developing an open source community"

Peter Cheng - "Community Driven Business"

Jani Penttinen - "Building a Multi-Cultural Community: Think outside the English-Speaking Box"


Oct 1st - Track - MindTrek Launchpad

Taneli Tikka - "Ingredients in a successful startup"

  • Presentation: download

Oct 2nd - plenary session

Adam Greenfield - "Elements of a networked urbanism"

  • Presentation: not available, but you can find more info here
  • Video: not available

Pekka Himanen - "Culture of Creativity: Enriching Interaction"

  • Presentation: download

Oct 2nd - Track - Beyond open innovation

Marko Torkkeli - "Theory of Open Innovation - possibilities and potential limits"

Jiri Räsänen - "Open Development - Balancing between the Material and Immaterial worlds"

  • Presentation: download

Slava Kozlov - "Wikinnovation: New state of mind is in demand"

Oct 2nd - Track - Rebirth of mobile life

Måns Adler - "The democratization of communication technologies"

Pekka Markkula - "OpenTelco APIs as mobile service enablers - Case: Contextual Aware Mobile Gaming"

Inka Mero -  "Mobilizing Fan Communities -New era of Music Industry"


Oct 2nd - Track - Visions of future user interfaces

Leo Kärkkäinen - "Mobility"

  • Presentation: download

Juha Rytky - "Future of Motion Control in Gaming Industry and Other Consumer Applications"

  • Presentation: not available

Francesca Rosella & Ryan Genz - "Wearable Technology: the body is the interface"

  • Presentation: not available