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There are several awards in the Apps for Democracy Finland competition. The total award sum of 13 000 € is divided between the Idea, Library and Implementation categories and the Honorable Mention awards. All awards may not be awarded if the award criteria set by the jury are not fulfilled.

Awards Idea   Library          



Gold 1 500€ 1 500 € 3 000 € 6 000 €
Silver 800 € 800 € 1 600 € 3 200 €
Broze 400 € 400 € 800 € 1 600 €
People's Choise 300 € 300 € 600 € 1 200 €
Honorable Mention 5 x 200 €
Total Maximum of 12 awards and 5 honorable mentions! 13 000 €
  1. Contestants are eligible to win any of the prizes in idea category or library category and additionally the entries including functional prototype are eligible to win any of the prizes in implementation category.
  2. People choice awards will be granted based on community voting tallies in the Submission Directory. Submit early, often and promote your idea to your network for a greater chance of winning. The top applications in each category with the most votes will win this award.
  3. Contestants can be an individual or a team of individuals; prize money will be awarded to the team leader for distribution to your team.
  4. No single submission in the idea category or in the library category can win more than one Gold, Silver or Bronze prize. However the functional prototypes competing in the implementation category can win a Gold, Silver or Bronze prize in that category even if they already won in the idea or library category. The People's Choise award and the Honorable Mention awards are independent of the other prizes and can go to the same or different submissions as the other prizes.
  5. The Honorable Mention award's will be granted by judges to entries they consider particularly good in some aspect (ie. the most usable application or the most practical idea).
  6. Contestants can enter as many applications as they like and each app is eligible for a prize according to these rules. Contestants can win an unlimited number of prizes total as long as they are for separate application submissions.