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Apps for Democracy Finland - Kansalaisosallistujan työkalut

Jyrki Kasvi is a member of the Finnish Parliament and the patron of Apps for Democracy Finland 2009 competition. Check out Jyrki's greetings to Apps for Democracy Finland participants:

Thanks to all participants!

The Apps for Democracy Finland '09 contest gathered 23 high quality submissions out of which 12 are working prototypes in the implementation category and 11 participate solely in the idea category. Unfortunately there was no submission that would fit in the Library category.

The Jury has chosen finalists out of which the winners will be awarded next on Thursday 1st of October at Tampere. Finalists of the Apps for Democracy Finland '09 contest are.....

Tietopaikka - Implementation read more

Eduskunnan vahtikoira - Idea read more

Nomen est omen - Implementation read more

Asialista.fi - Implementation read more

Uniform interface for public data - Idea read more

Hilmappi.fi - Implementation read more

Legiskooppi - Implementation read more

Tax Tree - Idea read more

Late No More - Implementation read more

Simupedia - Implementation read more


Meanwhile the jury makes the decicions their decisions the audience are wellcomed to vote for the People's Choice winners. The People's choise award is 300€ in the idea category and 600€ in the implementation category. These awards will be granted to the submissions that receive most votes during the voting period (10th to 30th of September). E-mail, tweet, qaiku, facebook about your submission and gather most votes! Also the ”black horses” outside the jurys list of finalists may receive the People's Choise award.

Link to the voting site: http://bit.ly/INmAG

or more traditionally: http://www.mindtrek.org/2009/apps_for_democracy_poll


The competition team supports initiatives that use information technology to make the world a better place. We strongly believe that the collaboration between citizens and public sector may be enhanced by clever IT-solutions.

The availability of public information enables people, and society as a whole, to take responsibility and apply conscientiousness in the decision making processes. On the other hand private citizens and organizations have lots of detailed information waiting to be delivered in useful manner for the public sector organizations. We want to use software to help address these issues.

The "Apps for Democracy Finland" is your chance to wow the world with your ideas; your chance to build better systems on top of public data; your chance to demonstrate the value and the power of public data when it is let free; your chance to take public information and display it in exciting new ways; and your chance to walk away with a range of prizes.


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Developers and designers will compete by creating ideas and functional web applications, widgets, mashups, iPhone apps, Facebook apps, and other digital utilities that, make use of some public data and facilitate the collaboration between citizens and public organizations.


  • 17th of May 2009 Launch of the competition: Detailed rules, awards, partners and the first data set are published
  • 17th of June 2009 Online submission will be open
  • 31st of August 2009 at 14:00 (+2 GMT) Final submission deadline for all entries
  • 30th of September 2009 at 14:00 (+2 GMT) People's Choice voting period ends
  • 1st of October 2009 Awards ceremony in MindTrek Conference, Tampere


To enter, simply produce your functional demonstration and submit it following the Submission guidelines. If you have a great idea, but feel that you lack the skills to execute your vision, you can still participate in the idea category of the competition and/or join forces with someone technically talented in order to participate in the Implementation category. The awards of different categories and all other relevant information will be available on this website.

We encourage all entrants to share their work under a flexible and permissive licence in order that others may build upon what they have done. Entrants who do not wish to do so are not prevented from entering, and may receive recognition for their effort. However, winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes will be expected to deposit a copy of their work licensed under a licence such as the GPL in order that the whole community may benefit.

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